Q1 2019 Results & Q2 2019 Targets

In my year end post Reflect and Soar Higher in 2019 post, I committed to posting the results of my Q1 2019 Goals. As our focus in the W2 Capitalist Mastermind is based off Brian Moran’s book The 12 Week Year, I practice what I preach in my own personal quarterly goals. This system works. One thing I continue to say over and over is that we are not striving for perfection, we’re striving for progress. If we’re hitting perfection, then simply put, we’re not pushing ourselves hard enough. Here is how I did on my Q1 2019 goals:

Q1 2019 Goals


  • 4,500 Facebook Group Members: accomplished by end of February. This goal was WAY too easy to obtain and as you’ll see below I’ve increased this target substantially for Q2.
  • Launch Alexa Skill for Real Estate Investing for the W2 Employee: this was also accomplished by end of January and I’m certainly stepping it up this quarter by launching a podcast. Now I’ve put producing content for the Alexa Skill on hold as I also went to Podcast school and launched our W2 Capitalist Podcast in March.


  • 30 Active Students in the W2 Capitalist Mastermind Group: I fell short here. Primarily because we grew so fast in December I doubled the price of joining in January to slow growth as I had to get a handle on it. I did not want to let the current members down and had to do something to slow growth. This is a GREAT PROBLEM TO HAVE and I’m glad I have it. As I write this post I came up short of my goal by 8 students.

Enough of the past, let’s look to what’s ahead. Here are my goals for the next 12 weeks:

Q2 2019 Targets

That’s it! More of the same from last quarter but I’m excited about these targets and ready to get after it! EARN. INVEST. REPEAT.


Author: W2 Capitalist

I have built this community to connect motivated and ambitious W2 employees who have a successful and fulfilling job but want to build wealth for their family through real estate investing. What makes me the expert? Depends. I’m not the expert to everyone, but I am the expert if you’re behind me on this journey. I’ve been climbing the corporate ladder since 2001 and started actively investing in real estate in 2014. I currently hold a portfolio of 323 units, including single family residences, small multi-family residences and apartment syndications. Since my wife and I started investing, we have grown our net worth 10x and increased our annual income by 60% with these rental properties.

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