Put Me in Coach! I’m Ready to Invest in Real Estate!

Sabrina has spent the last 20 years on the real estate investing sidelines and today we cover an array of topics while she has the opportunity to ask her 5 most pressing questions as a newbie real estate investor.

Last week I had the pleasure of talking real estate investing strategies with Sabrina, our most recent Facebook Group Contest winner, and Chad Carson from www.CoachCarson.com. The contest was centered around Chad’s upcoming book release, Retire Early with Real Estate and when he found out about the contest, he offered up this one-on-one time with our winner. Thank you Chad!!!

Sabrina has spent the last 20 years on the real estate investing sidelines and today we cover an array of topics while she has the opportunity to ask her 5 most pressing questions as a newbie real estate investor:

  1. How can I use an FHA purchased property to make money?
  2. Is it best to have a mentor when you’re new to REI?
  3. What was your biggest challenge when starting out?
  4. If you knew then what you know now, what would you have done differently?
  5. What is your best advice to someone new to REI that has not yet completed a deal?



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Sovereignty: The Ryan Michler Interview

Go out there and get to work. Just go do it, stop asking people what you should do…You’re not dead. If it doesn’t work, adjust, change courses and do something else.

This post I’m doing something completely different…an interview…with someone I’ve been following and looking up to for some time now, Ryan Michler. AND, we barely scrape the surface on the topic of real estate investing, so completely different. Fair warning, I eventually loosened up but I was a bit anxious during the first few minutes of the interview. Bring in Ryan Michler….

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Ryan is an Iraqi war veteran, trained financial planner and Founder of The Order of Man. Since 2015 he has gained a massive social media following (learning how he did this is of my personal interest; reference 2018 Goals).

  • Over at OrderOfMan.com, men can engage with a brotherhood of like minded men who are interested at improving all facets of their life; manly skills to become a better father, better husband, improved leadership and improved financial status to name a few (actually that is my personal short list). Ryan hosts a weekly podcasts where he and his guests talk about their personal experiences in just about everything that it means to be a Man.

On February 1st Ryan is releasing his first Order of Man book, Sovereignty: The Battle for the Hearts and Minds of Men. Available via hard/soft cover, kindle and audio, you can download an intro chapter by visiting OrderOfMan.com/Book.

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Ryan and I connected via Facebook where he graciously agreed to give me 15 minutes to talk about his book #Sovereignty, but just as I thought we were done, he spends another 20 minutes allowing me to dive into a few business and personal questions. Had me so stocked I even used the word Solid during the interview. Ryan IS a solid guy and overall just gets it. Someone I will to continue to learn from. So, stick around after the 15 minute Closing Comments remark for the full discussion. Ryan has upcoming deadlines that I want to help him meet so I did not edit the audio, the full raw version is below.

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supreme power or authority; authority of a state to govern itself or another state

Items we cover:

  • What do you hope every man obtains from reading your book #Sovereignty?
  • What was the most rewarding aspect of the writing process for you?
  • Writing 60,000 words in 60 days
  • What is your favorite chapter and why?
  • Will there be an audio version?
  • Who are your mentors and men you look up to?

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  • Financial advisor by trade, are you still active in that business and do you advise your clients to invest in real estate?
  • Best Fatherly advice you give your sons on their journey to become Sovereign Men?
  • Birds and the bees?
  • Confidence: historical baggage that holds you down (example of $1.3 million in 2017 transactions but lack of confidence in a discussion regarding a $50k property).
  • “My objective as a father, is to render myself obsolete. That’s my job.”

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